Our Business

Scope of work for Gyosei-shoshi is very wide.

We are handling two kind of work.

  • First one is to prepare documents to be submitted to a public agency in order to gain license or approval through our extensive expertise backed by our experience.
  • Leter one is other types of documents relating to rights, duties or representation (e.g. Contract document, Agreement on Division of Inheritance and so forth) can also be prepared and dealt with by our through its proven proficiency in such document preparation.


Based above experties, we are supporting foreigner in Japan mainly for the VISA application (Immigration formality, VISA service) as follows,

  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility which is required for foreigners in a foreign country wishing to be admitted to Japan, except for visiting Japan as a Temporary Visitor.
  • Application for Extension of Period of Stay.
  • Application for Change of Status.
  • Application for Permanent Residence.
  • Assistance in Application for Special Permission to Stay in Japan.

And more, we are also assisting as follow,

  • Application for naturalization to acquired Japanese nationality.
  • Consultation concerning international marriage.


Another aspect, we will help foreigners to proceeding and preparing legal documents for establishing, start up followings,

  • Company
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • And other small business

Plus, we will consult Legal, Financial & IT, and back up for your success in this country.




If you have any inquiry, please inform us from following form.  We will reply as soon as possible.


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